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Our data to serve your business

For more than 15 years, Coyote has been the European leader in providing driver assistance data and real-time traffic information to its Community of five million members across Europe. Coyote alerts drivers to all current incidents and dangers to ensure a safer journey.

Coyote provides Premium services using the following:

Its own algorithms for analysing and filtering Community reports, as well as automatic detection of new incidents

A dedicated infrastructure:

  • Big Data experts (engineers, developers and data scientists)
  • Big Data management tools (Dataiku, Couchbase and Elasticsearch)
  • More than 150 servers located on the Azure platform (European Union)

Guaranteed high service availability > 99.9%

An anonymised and GDPR-compliant database

Our offer

Coyote logs five billion units of data every month. This data is assigned a category and then filtered to meet your needs.

Floating Car Data (FCD)

The GPS position, current speed and the anonymisation of itineraries logged by Coyote Community members throughout Europe are listed for up to one second.

Real-time or historical data (up to five years)

Monthly figures:

4.5 billion units of traffic information

1.3 million active users: 98% in cars, 2% on motorcycles

1.5 billion kilometres analysed

Excellent coverage in France and Belgium

Position logging frequency (FCD) can be set up to one second

Available directly from the Coyote cloud or on HERE Marketplace

Enriched Floating Car Data

Additional data with a frequency of up to one second: over a targeted area (up to a French department) for a limited period (from one day to one month).

Profiling information for each itinerary (anonymous):

  • Type of use: personal or business, weekend and/or holiday, limited/normal/heavy
  • Driver profile: social-professional category (CSP), family, type of urban area, etc.
Coyote Community

The Coyote Community reports hundreds of thousands of incidents every day, including accidents, obstacles on the road, slippery roads, stopped vehicles, weather conditions, and hazards.

50 million user interactions every month in France and the Benelux region

European standard Datex2 format

Online data:

  • Timestamp
  • GPS Position
  • Type of alert (e.g. accident)
  • Additional information (user declaration/response)
Artificial Intelligence

Coyote provides artificial intelligence data to generate road safety alerts. This data is continuously updated (depending on the season, road maintenance and more).

Predictive safety

Thanks to the analysis of anonymised data from the Community, Coyote alerts you to dangerous bends and suggests the correct speed at which to approach them to avoid nasty surprises.

  • 32,000 dangerous bends in France
  • 18,000 dangerous bends in Belgium

Mapping of external data sources

Railway crossings (two-way directional alert):

  • 20,000 in France
  • 1,500 in Belgium

Dangerous bends

Railroad Crossing

Our added value

Understand the mobility of your target audience to improve your services

Construction – Cities & Regions – Areas – Tourism – Events – Commerce

Want to understand how your target audiences travel to a specific area over a defined period?

Coyote's daily flows offer you detailed information on drivers' behaviour.

Receive relevant, real-time data for greater safety on the road

Highway Companies – Logistics – Automotive and Transport Industries

Would you like a better understanding of information to offer your customers significant added value based on reliable data, and to build up a relationship of trust?

Thanks to its five million members, Coyote offers you reliable, real-time data to communicate with your target audience and help them stay safe.

They trust us

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