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Coyote Data

Our data to serve your business

Since +15 years, Coyote is the European expert in providing trafic information & real-time data of +5M daily users. The Coyote Community is focused on road safety and traffic optimization, thus reporting the road events & dangers.

Coyote provides Premium Services through:

Coyote IP and its own algorithms to analyse and filter community contribution, as well as automatic detection of new events

Technical infrastructure calculating data in real time:

  • Big data experts: engineers, developers and data scientists
  • Big data management tools: Dataiku, Couchbase, Elasticsearch
  • Infrastructure: 150+ serveurs located in Azure plateform, European Union

The guarantee of a high service availability > 99,9%

A base design anonymous and RGPD compliant data

Our offer

Coyote records 5 Billion of Data every month. This data can be classified and filtered into different categories to answer your needs.

Floating Car Data (FCD)

Position (map matched), cape, instant speed, timestamp and unique anonymized trip identifier registered from Coyote ‘drivers’ all accross Europe recorded every 20s or 30s.

Live stream or history (up to 5 years)

Each Month:

1.3 million active users, 98% cars, 2% motocycle

1,5 billion kms analyzed

50% 20s, 50% 30s (Frequency of records)

Available directly from the Coyote cloud or on Here Marketplace

Very High Coverage in France and Belgium

4,5 billions of Floating Car Data

Enriched Floating Car Data

Additional data up to 1s frequency on targeted area (up to one french department) for limited time (from 1 day to 1 month).

Profiling information about each trip (anonymous):

  • Drivers type (work driver, professional, weekend and vacation – moderate, normal, intense)
  • Driver profil (CSP, family, living town category…)
Community based safety alerts

Every day, Coyote reports hundred of thousand events such as : accidents, deformed roads, dangerous conditions, object on the road, narrow road, slippery road, dangerous parked car, bad visibility.

50 million users interaction every month in France and Benelux

Datex2 standard European format

Row data:

  • Timestamp
  • Position
  • Type (ex accident)
  • S-type (declaration / confirmation / infirmation)
IA generated safety alerts

Coyote provides IA data for generated safety alerts data that Coyote improves continuously (over the year, depending on the season, the road maintenance …).

Dangerous curve

For each dangerous curve, Coyote provides: warning zone, danger zone, recommended zone.

  • 32 000 dangerous curve in France
  • 18 000 dangerous curve in Belgium

External data source mapping

Railroad crossing (two-way alert):

  • 20 000 in France
  • 1 500 in Belgium

Dangerous Curve

Railroad Crossing

Markets and Client benefits

Understand the mobility of your audience to enhance your services

Construction - Cities & Regions - Places - Tourism - Event - Retails

You want to understand people’s movement for a given place, during a defined period of time?

Coyote daily flows provide you precise information on people behavior.

Get informed relevantly in real time for safety purposes

Highway and trafic related companies - Logitics -
Car & Transportation industries

You want to better qualify the information in order to become a high value actor with reliable information to build a confidence-base relationship with your customers?

More than 5 million Coyote users provide you with reliable data in rela-time to talk to your audience keep them safe.

They trust us

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